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About JIN

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I moved to San Francisco 15 years ago from Korea with two suitcases. My 15 years are just like a dream. I can’t believe that I'm still standing here. Many things have been built and improved in those years, and I’m so proud of myself that I made it happen.


Living in San Francisco with spinning, yoga, South Park, Barbies, Blue Moon, and my soul mate Freckles, Teddy Bear, MeowMeow, Kimchi, and Ginger.......and Clark…........I’m so grateful that I can have it all.


As a designer, it's so exciting to position each tiny dot into the right spot with the perfect size, color, function and make functions easier to use. Every day, I’m thinking of how lucky I am to create beautiful interfaces that thousands of people are using. Yes, my design is my destiny. I can’t live without that!


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