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Cisco Webex meeting is an online meeting portal that allows you to virtually meet with other people without leaving your home or office. It is a web conferencing tool that allows people in different locations to communicate with voice, video, presentations, and more. 



As a Senior UI Designer, I led the visual design team's journey and created the branding of Webex, provided quality art and creative direction, and designed apps, websites, and on-site digital experience products for desktops. I worked closely with the user experience design team, which included visual and user interaction designers, product managers, and engineers. Additionally, I was responsible for developing concepts, ideas, and designs of various states and fidelity levels for internal and external stakeholders.


Back then, most significant issues were how we could improve the primary and secondary navigation. Users are confused about what they are looking for. Explored with several visual styles and concepts to design a solid navigation system. Focused on the secondary navigation use for less important links, and made it simple and intuitive. Our final decision was phase 3.

Phase 1

Phase 3

Phase 2

Phase 4


I provided visual language and design treatments that were based on Webex branding. My biggest challenge was to ensure that the designs could be easily adapted by both our internal designers and engineering teams, as well as by our enterprise stakeholders such as Bank of America, BP, and UPS, while still maintaining both their branding and ours with minimal effort.


These are the final critical pages for the desktop version of Webex, and we also created a separate Webex meeting desktop application. To maintain consistency, I kept the same look and feel as the website, but streamlined the application by removing some of the functions and features. The goal was to create a focused and efficient experience for users who primarily use Webex for meetings on their desktop, without overwhelming them with unnecessary features.

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