The Samsung Portable SSD is a significant trend in digital storage, providing speed, capacity, durability, and connectivity. Its strong exterior metal body and internal support frame are shock-resistant.



Collaborated with marketing account managers, developers, project managers, and other designers. Also, got direction from the creative director to define the visual language and branding of Samsung’s products. We always determined marketing needs through team meetings. Designed landing pages, micro-sites, websites & static banner ads, and animation banner for Samsung SSD.


We started to design the micro-site first and expended to marketing materials such as static, animation banners, social media assets, and email campaigns. Kept the same visual assets, language, and branding. One concept has three to five different banner sizes under 150KB. Always, I created the storyboard first, confirmed it with the director and moved on

to animate with Adobe Flash.

SSD Tech 500x250px

SSD Power 300x250px

SSD Gamer 300x250px


Designed part of the site and worked under the direction of the creative director. We had a design process to deliver

the following steps:

- Briefed design project process with the client.

- Started brainstorming.

- Drew rough sketches of ideas and messages.

- Created mockups with several versions.

- Built the design.

- Presented and refined the work.

- Perfected Final site.