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SlingPlayer for Mobile and Tablet


A Slingbox is a physical device that you attach to your cable box/DVR, and it allows you to control and view your TV/cable box/DVR content using a broadband Internet connection. It allows you to watch and control TV on-the-go wherever you are, through Slingbox software on mobile and tablet. SlingPlayer was our primary product at Sling Media. UX team supported backend software internally and all of the applications with different platforms for customers who have Slingbox.


Leading and designing all SlingPlayer applications was my primary role. Setting up the design system such as liberty patterns, working process (specs, bugs), and managing source files, visual experiences and creating brands. Worked in collaboration with other UX designers, product managers, and engineering teams.




We encountered issues with the first release, such as the guide appearing at the top of the video and difficulties in selecting another channel due to overlapping screens. Additionally, the initial version lacked support for the gallery and sports features and was only available in landscape mode. To address these concerns, we collaborated with other UX designers to create a second version of the wireframes, including. Sign-in, gallery, guide, setting, and full-version video options. As a new feature, we added the ability for users to watch movies and sports in the gallery while simultaneously selecting another channel.


I improved the visual UI design by creating a clean, modern graphics style, incorporating flat elements, and maintaining Sling Media's branding. The result is a simple and elegant design that is visually appealing while still remaining faithful to the company's established image.

Previous UI Design

Final Mobile UI Design

Final Tablet UI Design

Consistency is the most important key when I design with multi-platforms with one visual language. Having visually consistent UI elements helps menu bars, icons, and button styles in making the design more creative without leading to any confusion. Created consistent visual elements throughout all of our applications, including laptop, 10ft, tablet, and mobile.

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