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SlingStudio simplifies production for videographers looking to film with multiple drones, or drones in combination with ground cameras. With SlingStudio hardware and software, you can connect all of your cameras wirelessly. You can do monitoring, recording, switching, live broadcasting to YouTube and Facebook with SlingStudio.



Designed a high-level flow in UX design including wireframes and user flows. Also, I was in charge of SlingStudio's branding images and led visual design. Collaborated with other designers, product managers, and the engineering team. Obsessed over details and polished until the project was pixel-perfect.​


 User Flow

 How it works


Worked high-level wireframes with UX team and after that, I moved on to test with different dimensions as shown in the design process.​

Researched what is the best practice responsive grid system for our product. Based on research I created different sizes which were 1366x11024px, 1440x800px, and 1920x1080px. We decided to go with 1920x1080px because our target was prosumers, many users are happy with the 1920×1080 monitor. They want to edit at the highest resolutions possible. Also, we tested on the mobile platform, and I provided percentage specs and three break points.

Most Common Desktop Screen Resolution Sizes Worldwide

  • 1366×768 – 29.25%

  • 1920×1080 – 17.34%

  • 1440×900 – 7.32%

  • 600×900 – 5.72%

  • 1280×800 – 5.27%

  • 1280×1024 – 4.51%

Exploring Grid System - 1366x1024px

Exploring Grid System - 1440x800px

Testing with Mobile - 640x1136px

Created consistent visual elements and kept the same visual language and tone like Sling Studio Console except for the background color because those screens are under the SlingStudion portal website. I had to engage with the marketing team’s design concept. Provided most of the visual mockups including specs and other marketing materials.

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